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Abuse affects one in five women during their lifetime regardless of age, socio-economic status, culture, ability, ethnicity or religion and it ALWAYS has adverse effects on the children. Although women have been known to be controlling and violent, the greater percentage of this violence by far is perpetrated by the male partner in the relationship.

Whether it is physical, emotional, sexual, financial or spiritual abuse, very often the victim is either too frightened or too ashamed to come forward. Very often, the victim is not even aware that they are in an abusive relationship.

Abuse exists in every community and in every culture. Only recently have we in the Jewish community resolved to confront the issue of domestic abuse and sexual assault and its long term repercussions on families.


History of Koleinu SA


In 2012, Wendy Hendler and Rozanne Sack of Johannesburg South Africa, became aware of the rising incidence of sexual and other forms of abuse in the Jewish Community. They established Koleinu SA in order to provide an address for victims to turn to.

Koleinu aims to provide a support service in the form of a helpline for victims of abuse in the Jewish community.

Wendy is a certified More To Life coach and Logotherapist. She is a mentor of the courses The Power of Self Esteem and The Power of Purpose and is a Rebbetzin.

Rozanne has an Honours degree in Marketing and is very involved in community projects.


During a conference in Israel in 2012, they met Debbie Gross who is the founder and director of the Crisis Centre for Religious Women and the Chairman of the Board for the Israeli Coalition of Rape Crisis Centers. The Crisis Centre for Religious Women has been operational for the last 20 years and and has received over 75000 calls. Debbie is widely recognized as an expert in this field. Debbie is a developmental psychologist, and has been awarded many prizes in Israel for public service.

Koleinu brought Debbie to South Africa in June 2013 to raise awareness about the issue of abuse. During this trip, Debbie spoke to over 1000 members of the Johannesburg Jewish Community, did a Rabbis workshop and gave talks to teachers, principals and social workers in the Jewish Day schools. She also travelled to Durban and Cape Town to raise awareness in these communities. Debbie came back in November 2013 to do advanced training in our community with schools and Rabbis, and to train the Koleinu volunteers who will be manning the helpline.

Debbie has been instrumental in setting up the Koleinu helpline and acts as a consultant to Koleinu SA.

Koleinu has spent the last 4 years building up a referral base of specialists in the field of abuse, as well as establishing relationships with various support organisations in Johannesburg.


Board of Directors

Wendy Hendler – Certified More To Life coach and Logotherapist

Rozanne Sack – BA Hons Marketing

Charles Chemmel – BSC Hons (Wits), MSC (Edinburgh), MBL (Unisa), AMP (Harvard)

Aliza Bilman – BA MA, PsyD

Liza Segal – BA LLB (Wits) Advocate

Koleinu works closely with the following organisations:

Chevra Kadisha



The Teddy Bear Clinic

Family and Child Centre


They also have a strong base of :


Social workers

40 Trained Rabbis

60 Trained Teachers

15 Trained Volunteers

1000 Community Members Educated on Abuse


Koleinu also aims to provide ongoing education and upskilling in the area of abuse.

Rabbis Trained on Abuse
Teachers Trained
Volunteers Trained
Community Educated
Psychologists Trained
Social Workers Trained