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Capturing the Friedmans

A Multi Award-Winning Documentary


Directed by Andrew Jarecki

2003 – 1 hr 47mins

Truth is often more harrowing than fiction, but it is a desperately elusive entity. In this disturbing but mesmerizing documentary, Andrew Jarecki enjoyed remarkable access to his subjects but even Jarecki, who persuaded the family of accused child molesters Arnold and Jesse Friedman to cooperate with him, cannot decide whether the two are guilty, and his film raises as many questions as answers.

Capturing the Friedmans deals with the middle-class Long Island family torn apart in 1987 by child-molestation charges filed after a police raid uncovered kiddie porn apparently belonging to dad Arnold, a respected high school science teacher. He and his 18-year-old son, Jesse, were subsequently accused of molesting dozens of young boys, and their travails are painstakingly documented in this videotaped compilation, which even includes family footage recorded by another Friedman son, David. We see strategy sessions between Arnold and his attorneys, conflicting testimony from alleged victims, posturing by police investigators and legal teams. The film inquires not just into the life of a family but into a community, a legal system, and an era.



“In this somber and thoughtful documentary, Mr. Jarecki has the good grace to probe for answers while not allowing his camera to become intrusive; it’s a respectful glance inside the Friedman lives, even as they’re casting around for blame. Mr. Jarecki’s restraint and taste materialize not only in his handling of such moments, but also in the structuring of the material; the editor, Richard Hankin, also deserves praise.”  –  New York Times

“A superb documentary”.  –  San Francisco Chronicle

“Capturing the Friedmans is a documentary about fiction and fantasy, about truth, justice and the American way. And about shame and betrayal, victimisation, projection, testimony and evidence… In refusing to take any one position, this astonishing film becomes about the nature of judgment itself.”  – The Guardian

“To begin your career with a masterpiece is so remarkable a feat that one can only hope Jarecki finds another subject as rich as this family, which was obsessed with itself but needed a filmmaker to begin to see itself at all.”  – The New Yorker

“Probing into the elusive nature of truth, through the prism of one Jewish family, this is one of the most perplexing and disturbing documentaries in American film history.”  –  EmanuelLevy.com

“Jarecki’s film brilliantly illustrates the fallibility of memory, the slippery nature of ‘facts’ and even people’s invention of events that may never have taken place.”  –  Empire

“A jarring, mesmerizing documentary…Jarecki has created a tour de force of narrative ambiguity, and in doing so has made one of the most honest reality shows ever.”  –  Washington Post

“Utterly compelling account of a true-life criminal investigation where “truth” can never be pinned down.”   –  The Hollywood Reporter

“By the end of Capturing the Friedmans, we have more information, from both inside and outside the family, than we dreamed would be possible. We have many people telling us exactly what happened. And we have no idea of the truth. None.”   –  Chicago Sun-Times


AWARDS: 25 Wins & 16 Nominations

Academy Awards, USA: Nominated – Best Documentary

Boston Society of Film Critics Awards: Won – Best Documentary, Best New Filmmaker

Directors Guild of America, USA: Nominated – Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary

Florida Film Critics Awards: Won – Best Documentary

Las Vegas Film Critics Association Awards: Won – Best Documentary

Madrid International Film Festival: Won – Best Feature length Documentary – Andrew Jarecki

National Board of Review, USA: Won – Top Five Documentaries

New York Film Critics Circle Awards: Won – Best Non-Fiction Film

San Francisco Film Critics Circle: Won – Best Documentary

Sundance Film Festival: Won – Grand Jury Prize – Documentary: Andrew Jarecki


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