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Our Services


Victim Support

We provide confidential, compassionate emotional support and practical guidance to victims throughout their journey.

By connecting victims with the right therapists, lawyers, and professionals,
we help ensure they receive the correct guidance to take action, move forward and find healing.

Working with the relevant organizations, we advocate for the victim, protect the community, and ensure an effective response.


Child and Parent Education

Our acclaimed SchoolSafe program teaches skills for the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Through the interactive, kid-friendly program, children learn age-appropriate, memorable skills to be aware of dangers, prevent abuse and talk about this topic.

Parent workshops provide practical tips and tools to protect and empower children in this rapidly-changing world.

Participating schools:

- King David Schools

- King David Ariel
- Hirsch Lyons
- Yeshiva College

- The Cheder
- Akiva College

- Rosebank Primary
- Streetlight School
- Brettenwood High School

- Cape Town Torah High
- Elridge Primary School
- Newclare Primary


Professional Training

Healthcare professionals, lay and religious community leaders & educators have a sacred responsibility to prevent, identify & report abuse.

Our tailor-made training equips professionals and organizations with the latest information & methods they need to protect the people they serve.

We’ve trained groups including Hatzola, CSO, dating coaches, youth counselors, medical professionals, teachers, social workers, religious leaders & psychologists.

Professionals groups trained include:

- Hatzola
- Bnei Akiva - Habonim

Professional Training Includes:

- Child & Sexual Abuse

- Gender Based Violence

- Allied Professionals

- Mental Health Professionals

- Corporates

- Community Organisations

- Other


Policy Design and Implementation

We work with organisations to create tailor-made anti-abuse policies. These policies outline how to implement practical safety measures & define clear legal reporting protocols should abuse be suspected. Clear protocols protect those affected — and also protect the organization itself from catastrophic financial & reputational damage if legal requirements are not upheld.

Activism and Awareness

From attending court cases to hosting rallies or publishing over 100 articles in the media, we stand up loudly and proudly against abusers and in support of victims, whenever and however we can.

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